Friday, 16 November 2007

Making fire with a condom

While teaching fire craft at the World Scout Jamboree earlier this year, the most popular method of firelighting proved to be fire by condom.

Basically you put some water into a condom and tie the end. Then you manipulate the condom to form a lens shape.

Once you get the shape correct the result is instant. Personally I favour Crampball Fungus for this method of firelighting.

I've just found this video which demonstrates the method rather well.


Mungo said...

Now, that's hot stuff...


sam_acw said...

I bet that's one they'll never forget! can it be done with dirtier water?

Fenlander said...

I'm afraid not Sam. In fact the condom needs to be rinsed out a couple of times to remove the spermicide, which will otherwise slightly cloudy the water and prevent the method working.