Monday, 7 January 2008

Knotless netting

I have been off work today with a cold and asthma, so needed a simple project I could do the inside. About a year ago I was shown the principles of knotless netting and decided to try and make a carrier for a large bottle.

I have used para cord below to show how the principles of this method work. Loop the cord (I used my fingers as a gauge) around a gauge and then thread the cord three times around it's self and then make the next loop and repeat the above.

I used gardeners hemp, threaded on a bone needle to make the bottle carrier and used two fingers as a gauge for the netting size.

For the base I reduced the netting size to one finger and tied the last row of mesh together to finish the carrier off. I made the carrying strap using a four strand round plat.

The benefit of this knotless netting carrier is that you can undo the string if you need it or net a different item to meet you needs.


torjusgaaren said...

Very interesting. I might do something like that if I make a watercontainer sometime.

Strelnikov said...

Interesting looking bottle you're carrying there. Doesn't look like water to me.

asemery said...

Great example of knotless netting. I added a link to your site in the "nets and net making" forum at
so that others can see it. Tony