Sunday, 23 March 2008

A snowy day out

I was up early this morning to make the most of the weather conditions.

After a long walk, I headed in to the woods to find shelter, make a fire and have some lunch. You can see that this Spruce tree would provide shelter as there is no snow beneath it, but it is still rather exposed.

This fallen, Ivy covered tree provides shelter and is much less exposed, so this is where I decided to stop. The ground beneath was dry and there was sufficient dry, dead wood within as fuel for a fire.

My first task was to clear the ground of leaves and debris and to remove settled snow from above the fire site because it would melt and then drip onto me and the fire. Then I made a platform from dead wood to make my fire on. Using a firesteel with two feather sticks and some Birch bark from by tinder pouch, I made a fire.

My next task was to get some water boiling to enable me to make coffee and soup.

Having soup would give me the chance to try out the new Birch bowl I had completed yesterday.

The water took about ten minutes to boil and I soon had coffee and a warm bowl of soup prepared.

All I had to do then was sit back and enjoy it.

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