Friday, 12 December 2008

Building a fire

As discussed in my previous post the various grades of material required to build a fire can be seen by looking at the branch of a tree.

Having cleared the ground around the fire sight I would then place half a dozen finger thick sticks on the ground to form a platform to build the fire on. I place the first two fine grades of material on the platform as the basis for the fire.

At this point I would light the fire (in this particular case, with a match).

Once the fire establishes you add the next grade of material

and then the next

The type and size of fire you require will dictate the size of fuel that you use. From a simple brew fire

to one that will keep you warm at night


Mungo Says Bah! said...

I really like these posts... thanks for sharing them. It's funny how simple, but yet how important each of the steps are in fire building.


Fenlander said...

Hi Mungo, Good to hear from you. It occurred to me recently that there are so many basics I have not covered such as how to make cordage.

Have a good Christmas if we do not speak again before.