Sunday, 16 December 2007

Netting and smoking fish

When I was last in Lapland I was able to catch fish using nets for the first time. We put out 100m of nets and caught over 60 fish.

The majority of fish caught were White Fish and there were also a few Perch and Pike. To preserve the catch, we were going to smoke them, but before this they had to be gutted and their scales removed.

The picture below is of my smoker.

There are two chambers in the box; the lower is where you make a fire and in the top half of the box you first put items to create the smoke and help flavour the fish (I used Alder shavings and Juniper), then on a tray above this the fish are placed and the lid is then closed.

Ideally the fish are put into salt for a few hours prior to smoking to help remove moisture, but we had no slat available to do this.

After about 40 minutes the fish were completed.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a smoker, a biscuit tin can be utilised to create a smoker for use on a campfire.

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torjusgaaren said...

Smoked whitefish is great! We have only smoked whitefish once and opposite of you, we oversalted ours...