Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Personal Kit

I thought I would take a picture and describe the items I carry with me all the time.

At the top of the picture is a necklace I wear with a Sycamore spoon and Elder beads on it.
To the left of the picture are the contents of my reindeer leather neck pouch.

From the top;
1. Small knife, with blade, scissors, tooth pick and small tweezers.
2. Some reindeer sinew and a bone awl and bone needle.
3. A piece of carbon steel chainsaw file, a piece of quartzite, a piece of true tinder fungus, a char tube and some sisal string - all of which I use in combination for fire lighting.
4. A small firesteel and a glue stick from a hot glue gun.
5. Reindeer leather neck pouch

and on the right of the picture the contents of my reindeer tinder pouch.
From the top;
1. Strike anywhere matches in a water tight container
2. Pine cones - burn slowly and give off a lot of heat
3. Birch Bark
4. Reindeer leather pouch

I find the piece of file very useful. I use the smooth edge as my flint and steel striker and the file surfaces for abrading items such as bone and set into a piece of wood, I can use it to touch up the edge of my axe.


Mungo said...

What do you use the glue stick for?



Fenlander said...

I warm the end of the stick over the fire to melt the glue and then use it to stick things such as the bases of birch bark pots, flights and tips for darts or arrows and so on. When the glue stick is removed from the heat, the it will set hard again and goes back in my pouch.

Pablo said...

I met you at the 2006 Bushmoot in Merthyr Mawr when Mors was there. I'm sure you were also carrying a kuksa as well.
I've linked you to my blog Pablo's Woodlife by the way. I actually live in the Suffolk Essex border.
Great reads. Really interesting.
All the best.

Fenlander said...

Hello Pablo,

I have also added you to my links.

Thanks for the positive comments.