Thursday, 27 December 2007

Sweet tin smoker

I decided to cook my family Salmon for dinner this Christmas, but rather than baking it in an oven, I utilised an empty sweet tin to make a simple hot smoker.

I drilled a series of small holes each side, through which I inserted thin metal rods (cut from an old oven shelf) as a shelf for the fish to rest on. I also drilled a hole in the lid to allow the smoke out.

I cut a small branch from a Wild Plum tree and shaved with my knife. The shavings I then placed in the bottom of the tin as flavouring for the fish.

The fish had to be cut into four pieces and smoked individually. I used tyme and garlic butter to add flavour.

I ignited some charcoal in a metal tray, placed the lid loosely on the tin and then placed the tin one the charcoal. As the shavings in the tin were heated by the charcoal, they gave off smoke which was absorbed by the fish and the heat generated also cooked the fish.

After only 15 minutes the piece of Salmon was cooked perfectly and had a fruity smoked flavour.


Mungo said...

That looks delicious! And of course you must have had Quality Street for pudding... :-)

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

just gave you a mention on my blog, and with your permission i've added you to my blog roll. Love wat your doing, all the best for the new year

Fenlander said...

That's very kind of you and thanks for the positive comments and have a happy new year yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yummmmm! Mate that is looking fantastic!
Jane xx

Fenlander said...

Hi Janie,

I guess I should dedicate this blog to you really as it was you idea. Thanks for the comment.