Saturday, 5 July 2008

Making a kuksa

I have just finished making a couple more kuksa's and thought I would show how I made them.

Firstly I split a log in half and check that there are no knots or faults in the wood. Then I mark out the shape and use may axe and folding saw to remove excess wood.

Now I use my knife and a gouge chisel to do a rough shape and hollow out the cup.

Once I have a shape that I am happy with, I shape the handle and either use my knife or a drill (if available) to make the two finger holes.

When I am happy with the shape and thickness of the cup, I then start to sand it, starting with a very course paper and progressing to a very fine wet and dry paper.

I then apply several coats of oil until the oil stops soaking into the wood.


Pablo said...

Lovely craftmanship as usual. What do you use to hollow out the cup/bowl?

Fenlander said...

I use a gouge chisel for all my work now. I prefer it to a crook knife. Much easier to sharpen as well.