Thursday, 7 February 2008

Activities in the Nattavaara community

For the last day of my trip I was invited by one of the leaders of the Nattavaara community to experience what they can offer visitors to the area.

In heavy snow, with my friend Merete we drove to Nattavaara village. First we visited the old school house

where you can stay in a cabin, take part in organised hunting trips, traditional cooking courses and much more. Nattavaara Lapland

From Nattavaara you can travel the Iron Ore Trail to the Arctic Circle.

Here they have a monument which marks the Arctic Circle

and when you pass through the monument and cross the circle you are given a certificate.

There are also some beautiful little log cabins here, part funded by the state , so they are open for anyone to use.

There was only a small stove inside, but incredibly efficient and soon the cabin was warm and water was boiling for our coffee.

For further information about activities in the area, have a look here

This si my final post from this Lapland trip and for my next post we will be back in the UK.

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