Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Daily kit

I have been fencing on the reserve today.

The work took longer than expected so I did not get back for lunch, but fortunately I carry the following items in a 15 litre rucksack.

Two pieces of nylon material, two bottles of water, a wooden spoon, a tea-light candle, a 10cm billy can, parachute cord, a packet of soup, some kuskus, a small tub of coffee and one of vegetable stock.

The material and cord allow me to set up a simple shelter.

With a small fire I can boil water and make coffee and cook soup and kuskus. It always amazes me how large a fire some people have just to boil water. With the aid of some pine cones (fantastic fuel) a small fire on a spade is large enough to boil a billy can of water and make the soup. The spade helps to prevent the risk of fire burning into the ground.

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Mungo said...

Simplicity - perfect!