Sunday, 10 February 2008

Green woodworking group gathering

It was the monthly gathering of our green woodworking group again today. The day started very well with me being given an old picture of a Finnish Skolt Lapp woman making cordage out of Reindeer sinew, by rolling it on her cheek. This is a method I have never encountered before.

If you look closely at the picture you can actually see the cordage the cordage vibrating as she rolls it.

Then I was asked to make a fire in a creative way, so decided to see whether the winter sun was strong enough to make fire using a condom and crampball fungus (as mentioned here). My friend filmed this piece of film for me and if you look carefully you can see the smoke starting to appear as the fungus is ignited.

This is my friend Will, turning out a Alder bowl on his pole lathe.

and here the children are also learning to use a pole lathe.

Everyone enjoyed the day, especially with the beautiful spring-like weather.


Wade said...

Really like the site. I live in rural South Carolina,USA and grew up semi-primative. I still practice simple skills and enjoy seeing that someone has taken it to a higher level and not only shares it with others who practice theses skills but makes them available to a wider world that may never have had the chance to experience them otherwise!I Thank You!

Fenlander said...

Thanks for your nice comments Wade.