Sunday, 3 February 2008

Snowtrail Dogcamp AB

For the first few days of my trip I stayed with Lotti Anderson and her crew at the Snowtrail Dogcamp and wilderness lodge, between Kiruna and Gallivare.

Lotti owns 100 sled dogs and provides a variety of courses and activities in winter and summer, including;

Husky ABC
Snowmobile and sled dog experience
Sled Dog Expedition
Reindeer herding with the Sami
and much more

For more details please contact Lotti via the contact details below;

Lotti Anderson
SnowTrail Dogcamp AB
Skaulo 92
SE-98204 Gällivare

Tel +46 970 510 23
Fax +46 970 510 23
mobile +46 10 212 39 48

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