Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Removing Birch Bark

Having made a bark chisel, it was time to remove the bark from Birch logs which had been cut and stacked by the path.

Using the opposite end of the chisel as a batten I beat the outer bark to help separate it from the inner bark.

Once this was done I scored along the length of the log using my knife and the batten.

The majority of lenticells (the parallel lines running across the bark) should be shorter than an inch for bark craft. If they are long, the bark tends to split along them as you work.

I used my knife to raise the edge of the bark to enable me to get the chisel under.

A second pair of hands are helpful now to help support the bark as it is gently chiseled away from the inner bark.

This bark is destined to be used for making knife sheaths.

In Canada I found that the bark of Birch trees growing in wet conditions, would literally pop off the tree.

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