Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Another tinder for flint and steel

I am always seeking new tinders to add to my tinder pouch for use with flint and steel......char cloth, true tinder fungus, false tinder fungus and so on. Recently I have discovered a new addition which is certainly not as messy to carry as char cloth and doesn't disintegrate like fungus. I know it works fine with a battery and a firesteel but had never considered it for use with flint and steel. As you may have guessed by now it is of course very fine grade wire wool! I bought two large rolls of 0000 grade wire wool on Ebay last week.

For this demonstration I used a piece of chainsaw file, locally sourced flint and dry grass for the ember nest.

I must apologies for the short duration of video clips that I use, but unfortunately I have such a slow broadband speed that anything over 14 seconds does not upload.

Tease the wire wool apart and then place on the flint and use as you wood with char cloth.

My friend Jeremy was keen to try once I had demonstrated it to him.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying as soon as I get home.

Mark said...

I'll have to suggest that method to my son for an upcoming Scout fire-making challenge...hmmm.

Fenlander said...

Hi Mark, if you click on "condom" in my labels list you will find another method for his challenge :>)

Anonymous said...

I thought condoms were supposed to PREVENT a burning sensation...?