Sunday, 30 November 2008

Habitat restoration

In 1996 I became involved in a project to restore an area of arable farmland back to a wetland, known as Kingfisher Bridge. In some areas ponds and scrapes were excavated to provide permanent and semi-permanent water, reedbeds and wet meadows. Planting of wetland species such as reed, rush, sedge, willow and many other plants was undertaken.

12 years later the site is now well and truly established as an important wetland habitat.

The open water is home to herons and egrets, terns and gulls, and a variety of wildfowl and waders.

and the reedbeds are home to Bitterns, Bearded Tits, Water Voles and many species of insects.

Personally I would prefer to see existing natural habitats better protected and respected, but this project and others like it have proved that habitats can be restored and recreated.

To learn more visit the website Kingfisher Bridge.

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