Saturday, 8 November 2008

Tutorial assistant

Trying to take pictures for tutorials is often a challenge. Trying to demonstrate something while holding the camera and pushing the shutter button makes life very difficult. Although my camera fits into my pocket to enable me to carry it at all time, even the smallest tripod will not.

I am hoping that my most recent purchase will change this. It's called a Gorilla Pod and you can read about it here; Gorilla Pod and there are pictures here.

The mounting is released by pressing a button at the front and this can then be screwed into the bottom of the camera. Then to quickly attach the camera to the tripod, you just slide the mount onto the pod.

I can use it to provide pictures from my view, using a two or ten second shutter delay like this

and here are a couple of other ways I have used it recently


barnislavia said...

That looks very handy. Since I have just started blogging, I have had the same problems with pics. This could help a lot. thanks

Fenlander said...

I bought mine on Amazon. Look forward to seeing the results when you get one.