Monday, 10 November 2008

My wash bag - literally

Whatever I carry with me when out, I like each item to have more than one use. So when I was given some leather off-cuts by a friend, I had the idea to make a simple leather bag for carrying my toiletries.

I cut a piece of leather 14 inches in diameter and pierced a series of wholes around it,

through which I threaded a length of leather thong with a Reindeer antler tip as a closure toggle.

Picture taken using camera mounted on Gorilla Pod on my arm
But how does this have more than one use you may be thinking......

Well of course I can use it to carry my toiletries

and after having applied several coats of boot wax it now holds water and so I can also use it as a bowl for washing and shaving in!

As I said.....literally a wash bag!



Brilliant - and an uplifting colour too . . .

PS You're one of the few regular bloggers Kevin. I always look forward to reading your posts.

Fenlander said...

Thanks Robin. I must admit that it gets more difficult to find new things a blog about so regularly.

barnislavia said...

Great idea my friend. I think I am going to get a piece of leather and make one myself.

Anonymous said...